People overcompensate for their own shortcomings. This is a known fact. Sometimes this action manifests as a result of a latent, repressed desire with which a person is uncomfortable. Let’s explore a few these, shall we?

What if rappers are secretly raging homosexuals? There is a common theme in that particular genre of music whereby artists will denigrate one another with with slurs, proclaiming “suck my dick, faggot” or “I’m gonna fuck you ’til you love me, bitch.” Maybe, just maybe, this is because, well, this is precisely what they’d like to do. What if, when Method Man threatens to stick a hot coat hanger in your anus, he is really expressing his desire for you to put something else in his? What if gangbangs are simply an excuse for a large group of men to whip out their dicks and jerk off together? What if the girl is there only symbolically? What if she’s not even really participating, sitting in the corner, feeling bored, playing Candy Crush Saga on her phone, while testosterone-laden men stroke their penises with one hand and give high gives with the other? What if their hands linger for an unacknowledged second too long when they touch one another? I don’t know. I’m just throwing it out there.

What if people who are obsessed with love — romantic movies, heart-felt ballads, odes, even the word “love” — what if these people are actually horrible sociopaths. What if they have never felt true affection for another human being even once their lives? What if they are so unware of that particular emotion that they are forced to take all their cues from pop culture, from The Little Mermaid, from the well-publicized relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna? That’s a frightening thought, isn’t it? Maybe they secretely hate everyone or, worse, are compeltely indifferent. What if they are simply actors playing, poorly, the roles of love-struck idiots? What if I’m a love-struck idiot? Naaaah…

What if anarchists are secretly OCD? What if they try to hide their compulsion to arrange boxes in neat rows by donning Doc Martens and smashing plate glass windows? It’s possible that they are only doing this because particular local businesses do not adhere to their understanding of esthetics and they are simply destroying these abominations of form and order, in the hope that they will be replaced with more neat rows of conforming edifices? Even political anarchists, what if they are fed-up with the disorder and unpredictability of the democratic system? What if they truly pine for a benevolent despot, a Sadam Hussein or a Pol Pot or a wise-whiskered Joseph Stalin to swoop in and bring brutal order to the masses? Not entirely unlikely, I say…

Just food for thought, you guys.


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