purchasing power

Buy it.

Buy it now, for a limited run.
It’s shiny! It’s new!
It’s powered by sun!
We insist that you do!

Really, we do.

What else can you hope
To fill out the hole
In your rambling soul?
Religion? The Pope?

Go on and grope.

But you’ll never find another
So lovely, its whirr and its spin,
So why even bother?
Immerse yourself in its mechanical din.

Give in to the sin.

You need it.
You crave it and want it.
You desire to flaunt it,
To show to your neighbours
The fruits of your labours.

And it comes in six flavours!

Bubble gum, grape, melon, and cherry,
And lithium, rust, compost and dairy.
You want them all to collect,
Ignore its unknown side-effects.

It’s better than sex!

Take up your card,
And tap in the digits.
Was that really so hard?
Now buy some more widgets!


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