epigrams and limericks


Trees clumped together appear so lush,
But they hide destruction in their brush.

We denigrate those who forests rape and tame,
When it’s sun’s rays that bring a dearth of death via flame.

Burly beards, coarse skin, and flannel we berate,
Though nature’s dark energy some must still deflate.


“Go home!”, they yell at dark-skinned strangers,
But who are they to preside as ethnic arrangers?

They laze on shaded patios and lament lost jobs,
While a mulatto child somewhere hungers, shakes and sobs.

A day of strife and sweat and sod is what they need,
Not their grubby fingers grasping, gripping, with greed.

a couple of limericks

There once lived a nerd in the Mission,
Who decided one day to go fishin’,
He cast in his hook, but the act was no book,
And the nerd lost his war of attrition.

Jane was once horny and frisky,
She endeavored to do something risky,
She shed her brassier, placed her tits in some beer,
But it turned out they only craved whiskey.


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