Women and I

This post is bound to be more revealing than this blog was ever meant to be, but I feel as if the way I feel and act on the matter of women is by no means an anomaly and is in fact shared by a large proportion of the male population.  I will also take some time to the PUA (Pick Up Artist) fad that seems to be going around lately – preying upon men with poor self images much like weight loss scams prey upon women with poor self images.  More on that later.

So – how exactly do I feel about women?  Well if you’ve been keeping up to date with this blog you will know that I love them.  To varying degrees, and with some exceptions, I love all women.  Right now, however, I’d like to take some time to discuss specifically those women with whom I’ve developed some sort of personal relationship.  It comes down to this: when a woman begins to show interest, I am immediately and utterly enamoured.  Some will point to self-esteem issues; that is not the problem.  Without trying sounding like a douchebag, I know that I am at least moderately desirable: I have a job, I have a good education from a good school, I am reasonably good-looking, I consider myself well-read and typically have something interesting to say on a variety of subjects.  Ok… I managed to sound like a douchebag.  So it goes.

The source of this behaviour is not logic.  There is nothing logical to it.  Somehow, the idea that someone (a member of the female sex in this case) should find me attractive or interesting in any way boggles my mind to the point of making me think and act like a bumbling idiot.  I know women are just people, but they provoke a very intense biological reaction in me that is at the same time frustrating and exciting.

Yes, I’m talking about an erection.

Yes, I’m just kidding about the above.

Peace and Love,



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