“i want to give you a hug but there’s no emoticon for that”

Technology is great. I love it. I wouldn’t have a job without technology. Just the word technology… is cool. It implies that which is cutting edge, hip, trendy, etc. It seems like it has indeed revolutionized the way we communicate with one another, but we should remember that not all revolutions are good (see: The Spanish Civil War).  Twitter allows us to insantly know what all of our friends are doing.  Facebook lets us see everything there is to know about a person – provided that that person spends 50% of their time living and the remaining 50% reporting on how they went about doing this living.  iPhones allow us to do this constantly without needing a computer nearby.

It seems to me that the very ease with which we can communicate has trivialized the act of communication.  This is going to make me sound old (remember that I am 23 years of age), but back when mail or courier was the only means of communication, messages were much more meaningful.  Don’t believe me?  Read Jane Eyre, Hard Times, or any Thomas Hardy novel – pretty much any Victorian drama.  There are so many soliloquies in these novels where characters reflect on what others have said and form thoughts before making a response.  Can you imagine Elizabeth Bennet texting Mr. Darcy?

“liek omg u r SUCH a dooork!!! goerge is soooo much cooler then uuu. omgwtfbbqbyob!!!”

It would result in a 6-page book filled with mostly random characters that have somehow been assigned meaning (I despise the bastardization of the English language, but more on that later).  Here’s my point:

If you say a word, any word, enough times it starts to lose its meaning (I think someone discovered this while stoned, but it still holds true when sober).  To a lesser extent but on a larger scale I think that this is what has begun happening to the human race.  We talk a lot, but barely say anything.  I know what you’re doing, but you haven’t taken the time to tell me why you’re doing it. I can’t hug you because there aren’t two characters on my keyboard with which I could represent that.  Here’s a heart though: <3.  It could also be a two-scoop ice cream cone.  Oh, innovation.

Remember, just because technology says you can, doesn’t mean you should.


6 thoughts on ““i want to give you a hug but there’s no emoticon for that”

  1. (||)
    I think that’s a hug. Yep, just decided. It’s… symbolic, as opposed to literal.

    1 Your opinion, with which I could not agree more, is a little ironic considering your profession. Clearly you’re aware.
    2 I’m wondering if our over-communication will overwhelm us to a point when we begin to revert. Kind of like the economic bubble bursting. A reality check and balance.
    3 I wish this reply was in the form of ever-charming snail mail, but that would never happen, would it?
    4 I really like using lists

  2. one paragraph that really stood out to me was the part about how English language is turning for the worse bc random combination of letters are given meaning.

    but isn’t that how languages are invented/created?

    like. when homo sapiens were in their animals skins hanging out in caves millions of years ago,
    they gave meaning to simple characters and drawings on the wall,
    and even gave meaning to the sounds they made.

    and think of all the dialects in the world

    like.. all those dialects sprouted from one language..
    and imagine over billions of years, those dialects can become it’s own language.

    like the difference btwn Thai and Hindi
    i dont know much… (or anything at all about either language) but i know that they are very similar in writing, etc.

    and think of european languages… spanish english french. etc.
    like. they all have the same roots and practically use the same alphabet,

    i speak english and i say that the word cat is spelt C-A-T.
    but in french it’s C-H-A-T.. and spanish G-A-T-O

    that is such a weird combo of words.. why would someone spell CAT, G-A-T-O.
    as you know.. these differences happened over a really really long time

    back to the random letters,

    bc means of communication is so much easier/quickier

    i believe language is in the process of evolving to meet with the speed/technology/AIM/texting culture.

    and maybe one day.. there will be another dialect that speak in abbrevs.. like.. OMG, BRB, BYOB. etc.

    and people who like it will continue to speak with abbrevs and AIM talk, and those who dont like it will continue to speak “normal/standard” english.

    and maybe one day Abbrev language will become its own language and people will study how to speak Abbrev.

    haha, sorry for blogging on your blog and took it in a weird direction.

    but im looking forward to see what you have to write about this topic.

    • I guess my problem is that technology and the “evolving” (devolving would be more appropriate) English language has resulted in the loss of meaningful conversation. There has definitely been a reduction in vocabulary over the past decade, and even over the past few years, that make it hard for people to really communicate.

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